Friday, April 24, 2009

The setlocale() function

This function could be used to set locale information such as time, language, monetary and geographical information.

syntax: setlocale(constant, location);

constant – specifies what locale information should be set.
This parameter can contains the following values:
LC_ALL - All of the below
LC_COLLATE - Sort order
LC_CTYPE - Character classification and conversion (e.g. all characters should be lower or upper-case)
LC_MESSAGES - System message formatting
LC_MONETARY - Monetary/currency formatting
LC_NUMERIC - Numeric formatting
LC_TIME - Date and time formatting

location – This parameter specifies which location the locale information should be set for.

The location parameter can hold a string or an array. In case of a string, the country/region code needs to be specifued.

If you are passing an array, the setlocale() function will scan through each of the array elements until it finds a valid region or country code and sets locale information for that region or country.

In order to setyour default locale information , you could use


Example input:

echo setlocale(LC_ALL,"En-Us");
In this example, we are setting the locale information to that of the US.

Example output:

English_United States.1252

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