Sunday, October 26, 2008

The convert_cyr_string() function

This function converts a string in one Cyrillic character set to another.

syntax: convert_cyr_string(string,from,to);

from – the character set from which the string should be converted.
to – the character set to which the string should be converted.

The from and two parameters can hold the following any of the following values.

k - koi8-r
w - windows-1251
i - iso8859-5
a - x-cp866
d - x-cp866
m - x-mac-cyrillic

Example input:

$str = "This is Vince æøå";
echo $str;
echo "
echo convert_cyr_string($str,'w','a');

Example output:

This is Vince æøå
This is Vince ¦è¥

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